Command-line interface

Medkey command line interface reference

If you installing HIS Medkey on your own server or VPS/VDS, you will need to use command line commands.


  • Installed PHP command line application (will be installed by default using typical Linux packages and using PHP installer for Windows), available using php command from shell

  • Superuser access (root) for Linux systems

  • Deployed Medkey application files

Using CLI entry point

To use CLI entry point go to Medkey application directory (where Medkey application installed).

Linux (bash)
Windows (cmd/Powershell)

For example, Medkey files located in /var/www/medkey. To go to Medkey deployment directory execute command:

cd /var/www/medkey

For example, Medkey files located in C:\htdocs\medkey. Execute command:

cd C:\htdocs\medkey

To execute CLI commands use signature below:

Linux (bash)
Windows (cmd/Powershell)
php bin <command> <arguments>
bin.bat <command> <arguments>

Command reference

migrate command

Medkey use migration mechanism to deploy and upgrade database structure.

seed command

Medkey use seed mechanism to fill database with predefined data packages.