HIS Medkey Documentation

What is HIS Medkey and why you need to use it

What is HIS Medkey

Hospital Information System Medkey - modern multipurpose solution which aim is to solve medical organization's needs in Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management automation, medical billing and accounting and patient engagement (CRM).

Medkey has modular and service oriented architecture. Box application can be extended using modules and plugins.

Why to use Medkey

Medkey is the most high available hospital information system which can be installed/deployed in two clicks using any modern operating system or platform. You can easily start with no money spends. You can adopt and customize Medkey to your needs. You can integrate it into your organization's ecosystem. You can grow and scale it using extensions. And you can customize it hiring anyone of thousands professional PHP specialists (really very widespread language). Check out for Medkey compliance to your needs!

Getting started

If you want install Medkey — start using this sections:

If you have been already installed Medkey, look at Quick start guide: